Selecting top quality meats is not just a decision that benefits your own health, it also benefits the environment, helps improve animal welfare standards, and supports small businesses. 

High quality grass-fed, grass-finished, and pasture raised meats free of antibiotics and hormones offer a greater nutrient profile and a healthier ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats than those from grain, corn or soy fed sources. 

They also come from healthier animals that are free to range in open spaces, forage naturally and positively support the environment. 

Some companies use cleaver marketing to try to confuse you about the quality of their meats. In a prior article we explained the meaning behind labels on eggs, meat and dairy and highlighted which ones offer the highest quality.

As always, we recommend shopping locally, but if you are unable to find what you need nearby, or prefer the convenience of having everything in one place and shipped right to your door, here are our top 4 choices for online meat delivery services. 

Because they all offer slightly different products, we did not attempt to rank them in any particular order. We did however try to provide enough information about each meat delivery service to allow you to make an informed decision. 

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US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats offers a huge selection of meats, and a wide variety of cuts and products from multiple sources including: beef, lamb, bison, pork, seafood, poultry (turkey, chicken & duck), elk, venison and rabbit

They also offer organ meats, bones, broths & gelatins, as well as semi-prepared options such as burgers, sausages, franks, bacon, and precooked products including jerky and a variety of smoked meats. 

Within their prepared meat products, US Wellness Meats uses only celery salt and/or cherry powder in their curing process, and never adds nitrates or nitrites. 

US Wellness supports regenerative agriculture on sustainable farms, never uses GMO feeds, pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones, and is unwilling to compromise on quality.

Why Choose US Meats?

For me it is their huge selection of top quality meats, and associated products. I can’t really think of anything that they don’t offer. 

As a biologist, I also applaud their dedication to the environment, and I believe that by supporting ethically responsible sources of animal-based foods, we have the power to raise the standards in which our food is produced.

They are also one of the few meat suppliers that offer organ meats. Organ meats from quality sources (grass-fed, pasture raised, no antibiotics or hormones) are extremely healthy. I try to eat some organ meat at least once a week, but haven’t been able to find it locally. 

The taste and texture of organ meats can be a little odd to some people. That is why I like the fact that US Wellness offers ground meats with some organ meat (heart, liver & kidney) mixed in, as well as isolated organ meat options.

All of the red meat options from US Wellness meats are 100% grass-fed, grass-finished and pasture raised, however they do provide a small amount of supplemental non-GMO grain to their pasture raised chickens, and supplemental non-GMO soy and corn to their pigs. 

Pasture raised chickens persist predominately on grasses, grubs, insects, and seeds, but because chickens are omnivores, all of the meat suppliers we reviewed do appear to supplement with grains. US Wellness meats does not offer details on which types of grains are provided to their chickens, but do state that they are non-GMO. 

Their explanation for supplementing their pig’s diets is due to the fact that pigs are not ruminants and do not have a multi-chambered stomach. Therefore, they cannot persist on grass alone. US Wellness Meats does however offer certified soy-free pork in bulk, and are one of the only suppliers to do so. 

If you are adamant about your pork not being fed grains at all, check out the forth supplier on our list for their wild caught boar meat. 

US Wellness Meats - Sample Price List

US Wellness offers competitive prices for their high quality meats. If you are used to shopping for conventionally raised meats (grain, corn and or soy fed animals confined in cages) however, these prices may seem a little high. As with most things, you get what you pay for.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We just wanted to provide a few common products so you could compare between the suppliers on our list. 

Note – Make sure you look at the weights of each product when making comparisons. 

Shipping Fees – US Wellness offers free shipping, however a minimum $75 order is required and a $9.50 handling fee is added to each order. US Wellness Meats are available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative

Grass Roots Farmer’s Cooperative (GRFC) is another large online meat delivery service that sources their meats from multiple ethically managed farms. All of their meats are from grass-fed and finished, pasture or forest raised animals, and prepared at the highest standards.

GRFC does not offer nearly as many products as US Wellness Meats, but they still provide a pretty robust menu that includes beef, pork, poultry (chicken & turkey), and lamb.

In addition to a variety of grounds and cuts, GRFC also offers sugar-free pork breakfast sausage (ground or links), bratwurst, chicken livers or hearts, beef liver, polish sausage, broth & bones, and much more. 

All of GRFC’s premade products are nitrite and nitrate free, aside from those naturally occurring in celery salt or cherry powder. 

Something unique about GRFC is that they source their pork from forested pigs rather than exclusively pasture raised. This means that their pigs have access to a wider range of natural food items, however, as with almost all meat suppliers, their pigs and chickens receive supplemental feed that may include corn, soy and/or oats (non-GMO).

They have two supplemental feed options. One consists of local oats and non-GMO certified soy along with vitamins and probiotics. The alternative ration contains milo, alfalfa meal, kelp, probiotics and minerals, and is completely free of corn or soy.

GRFC is also committed to regenerative farming practices, allow many of their staff to work remotely to reduce vehicle emissions, and support the highest standard forest projects through Pachama.

Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative - Sample Price List

GRFC’s prices are, on average, a little higher than US Wellness Meats, but they offer a few different products from different sources. Again, this is list only highlights a small sample of the products available from GRFC to assist you in making price comparisons.

Free Shipping is available on orders above $120, reward points can be accrued and applied towards future orders, and discounts are often offered on specific value packs. GRFC delivers to anywhere in the US except Alaska and Hawaii.

Farm Foods Market

Farm Foods Market appears to be the largest meat delivery service on our list offering individual and whole sale meats. I couldn’t say for certain that they offer a wider range of products than US Wellness, but they do offer a greater variety of cut sizes. 

For instance, most other suppliers offer a single weight range for a particular cut of meat, while Farm Foods Market often offers three size options, making their products even more customizable.

Farm Foods Market offers the standard sources of meat including beef, pork and chicken, as well as lamb, elk, bison, pheasant, duck, and wild caught seafood.

The quality of their meats is essentially identical to US Wellness Meats, and GRFC. Their beef, bison, elk, and lamb are all grass-fed, grass-finished and pasture raised without antibiotics or hormones. 

Their pork is pasture raised and subsist on natural forage and some supplemental “all vegetarian” feed. Their chickens are also pasture raised and consume natural forage along with some supplemental locally milled grains. 

Farm Foods Market offers organ meats, bones, broth and a wide variety or semi-prepared or fully prepared products including franks, jerky, and bacon, however they do add nitrites to some of their cured products, and complete ingredient/nutrient lists are not as readily available.

Farm Foods Market - Sample Price List

On average Farm Foods Market offers the best prices compared to the other suppliers we reviewed, and their prices are even better on large or wholesale orders. Free Shipping is available on orders more than 10lbs, and they ship nationwide, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands. However, there is a $29.99 shipping fee for these three areas. 

The list below is a very small sample of the available products at Farm Foods Market, and is just intended to help make some basic price comparisons. 

Force of Nature Meats

Force of Nature is a smaller meat delivery service that offers predominately grinds and bulk from 100% grass-fed and finished pasture raised beef, bison, elk & venison, as well as pasture raised pork and wild caught ground wild boar (feral swine). 

They also offer what they call Ancestral Blends of beef and bison that include organ meats (3% heart & 7% Liver). 

In addition to their grinds, Force of Nature also currently offers a bison filet, bison bacon burgers, venison steaks and beef & venison burgers, pasture raised whole chickens, and sugar-free pasture raised Iberico bacon (nitrite and nitrate free except for those that naturally occur in celery salt and cherry powder). 

Although their menu is limited, their dedication to top quality regenerative meats that are sustainably sourced is not. 

Feral pigs are extremely damaging to the environment in multiple states throughout the US, so managing their numbers is a benefit to conservation. Wild pigs consume a wide range of natural foods which results in a more flavorful meat, and their diets are not supplemented with grain, soy or corn. 

My favorite products are their ancestral blends, burgers, and wild boar. 

Force of Nature - Sample Price List

Force of Nature’s prices are extremely reasonable, and even better than some of the standard commercially raised meats available at local supermarkets. 

Force of Nature products are available in some stores and a store locator tool is available on their website. An order minimum of $75 is required, and free shipping is provided on orders over $159 within the contiguous US.

Another thing that we didn’t realize initially was that Force of Nature primarily ships their products in compostable coolers that can be easily broken down in your backyard compost container or placed into your municipal compost bin. 

Other Meat Suppliers We Reviewed

There are several other high quality meat delivery services available, these just happen to be our top 4. We did examine several other popular suppliers before narrowing this list, and we have outlined the reasons they didn’t quite make the list.

Butcher Box

Butcher Box is a very popular meat subscription service that offers a wide range of high quality meats. They offer 100% grass-fed beef, however their pork is not exclusively pasture raised (also maintained in hoop barns presumably during increment weather), and their feed is not non-GMO.

Their chickens are free-range, not pasture raised, which means they rely heavily on supplied feed. The feed is organic, but the details regarding the specific types of feed used is not specified. It is also difficult to see what products Butcher Box offers without first selecting a plan and providing your email address.

Subscription services can add convenience for customers that prefer to receive boxes on a routine schedule. This may be beneficial for large families or those who plan their meals well in advance. These types of services however, have received complaints regarding customers not getting exactly the products they wanted, because they weren’t available at the time the box was prepared, and substitutions were therefore made.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is another popular meat supplier that offers both a standard shopping process as well as a subscription service. Their beef is grass-fed, but grain-finished. Finishing with grain adds additional fat and marbling to the meat but it can alter the fat and nutritional profile of the meat (higher in omega-6 vs. omega-3). 

Their pork is not pasture raised, and their chicken is either pasture raised or simply free-range, which as noted above means they are consuming more supplied feed. Crowd Cows prices also appear to be quite high on some products.


Moink (Moo-Oink, clever), offers grass-fed grass-finished beef and lamb, pastured pork and chicken, and wild caught salmon. 

It does appear that their chicken and pigs receive supplemental non-GMO feed but they are a little shy on the details. Moink is also a subscription service that requires you to first select a box type (small, medium, no pork) and then make some customizations. 

It is also difficult to get a full scope of their products before initiating the sign up process. 

Porter Road

Porter Road is another subscription meat supply service that offers curated boxes. There is still quite a bit of flexibility in the selection process, but they are not quite as customizable as the suppliers on the top of our list. 

Porter Road offers grass-fed, but grain-finished beef. See above for our thoughts on grain finishing. Their animals are raised on pastures, as weather permits, and their pigs are predominately forest raised. 

From what we could gather, Porter Road does not offer any organ meats, which I like to consume somewhat regularly and they also add sodium nitrate to some of their prepared meat products. 

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks offer essentially everything you would find at a steak house restaurant including a wide variety of meats, seafood, starters and sides, desserts, and even wine.

They provide clear details on how their meats are aged but little to no information on how the animals are raised or sourced. My assumption therefore, is that their meats are largely more commercially produced using grain, soy and or corn feed, and somewhat restricted in their access to open spaces or pastures. 

Mountain Primal Meat Co.

Mountain Primal Meat Co. offers highland beef and American Berkshire pork as well as 100% grass-fed locally sourced bison and elk. Their beef is pasture raised grass-fed and grass/grain-finished, their pigs/hogs are raised on soy and corn, and they add nitrates to their bacon.

Where do you buy your meat? Please consider sharing your experience by commenting below to help support others navigating a healthy keto lifestyle.

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