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Most keto friendly bars, especially those that contain MCT oil or powder, should boost ketones, but the makers of the Ketosource Ketone Bar claim that their bars have been scientifically engineered to do so. A quick review of their website seems to confirm that a lot of thought and effort was put into the creation of the Ketone Bar, so we thought we would check it out for ourselves. 

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The Ketone Bar Breakdown

For the most part, any extremely low-carb snack bar can be “keto friendly” by simply not contributing significantly to your daily carb count and/or not kicking you out of ketosis. A true keto bar however, should at a minimum, have a macronutrient profile that actually emulates the high fat, moderate protein, and low carb requirements of the ketogenic diet. 

In an earlier post we provided a complete inventory of dairy-free keto bars currently on the market. If you peruse the list, you will quickly see that many of the 26 keto bars we evaluated do meet these guidelines, so what makes the Ketone Bar so special?

We have provided a general breakdown of the Ketone Bar and will further evaluate the ingredients and ketone boosting potential below.

Amazon Rating:

Ketosource Ketone Bars

Ingredients: (Chocolate Caramel) – Pure Cocoa Mass, Natural Sweetener (Erythritol), Cashew Butter, Pure C8 MCT Powder (Caprylic Acid Triglycerides, Acacia Fiber), Natural Sweetener (Xylitol), Chicory Root Fiber, Pure C8 MCT Oil (Caprylic Acid Triglycerides), Egg White Powder, Himalayan Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavorings. 

Macros: 220 Calories, 17g Fat, 5.4g Protein, (18.5g Carbs – 15.4g Polyols) = 3.1g Net Carbs.

Flavors: Chocolate Caramel

Approximate price per bar: $2.33 – $2.50

Where to buy: (UK), or Amazon

Bar weight: 2.12oz (60g)

Ketone Bar Ingredient Breakdown

Cocoa mass is simply the first liquid stage of processing cocoa beans, and is the base ingredient of all chocolate. Fermented cocoa beans are cleaned, and then heated in order to remove the shell from the nib. The nib is then roasted and ground into cocoa butter/mass. 

Cashew butter is simply ground cashews. If you have reviewed our earlier post about the best nuts for keto, you will see that cashews are among our least recommended nut option. We don’t consume them directly, but they are present in a few of our favorite keto products, so moderation is key.

MCTs are medium-chain fatty acids (6-12 carbons), and due to their relatively small size, they do not require the enzymes or bile that is necessary to digest longer-chain triglycerides (>12 carbon atoms). This means they go directly to the liver where they are quickly digested and used as energy or transferred into ketones. 

There are four types or lengths of MCTs:

  1. Caproic acid – 6 carbon atoms
  2. Caprylic acid – 8 carbon atoms
  3. Capric acid – 10 carbon atoms
  4. Lauric acid – 12 carbon atoms

Caprylic and capric acids are the most ketogenic MCTs, while lauric acid is the least ketogenic. Lauric acid is also the primary culprit in the stomach upset that some people experience when consuming coconut oil. 

While many keto products contain MCT oils or powders, Ketosource has opted to isolate and include only the highly ketogenic, and easily digested, 8 carbon Caprylic acid (C8) MCTs in their Ketone bars.

Although we prefer stevia or monk fruitErythritol and Xylitol are among the only other natural sweeteners that we generally recommend (see complete food list here). The reason being is that Erythritol and Xylitol are actually sugar alcohols (polyols) and therefore do contain small amounts of carbs and calories. 

The reason we are okay with these two options vs. other sugar alcohols however, is because research has confirmed that Erythritol and Xylitol have the least impact on blood sugar or insulin when compared to other sugar alcohols. 

Many companies subtract sugar alcohols from total carbs in a 1 to 1 ratio when calculating net carbs. It is often recommended however, that a 0.5 to 1 ratio be used when calculating net carbs in products that contain sugar alcohols. To clarify, this means that approximately half of the sugar alcohol in a product should be considered as complete carbs and should therefore not be subtracted.

Chicory root fiber is a form of soluble fiber that passes through the body undigested and therefore does not contribute to carbs or calories. It is also a prebiotic fiber that contributes to healthy bacterial growth in the gut. Chicory root fiber is often used in food products to support their form and make them more filling without adding calories, however it can cause digestive discomfort in some people when consumed in large amounts.

Sunflower lecithin is simply a gum made by dehydrating and grinding sunflower seeds. It is used as an emulsifying agent in many food products and has many health benefits. It is actually sold as a supplement and used to help treat gallbladder disease, liver disease, high cholesterol, and eczema. Sunflower lecithin is also often recommended to help improve milk flow in nursing mothers. 

Ketone Bar Weight

As part of our keto bar reviews we like to weight each bar on a digital scale as a means of assessing quality control. 

The bar label lists the weight of each bar at 60g or 2.12 oz. Several of the Ketone Bars we weighted came in just a hair light. It should be noted however, that we were using a very basic kitchen food scale, and not a high precision lab scale.

A Ketone Bar on a digital scale

Ketone Bar Taste

The Ketone Bar is definitely a chocolate lovers dream. It has a very rich and creamy chocolate taste and texture, with the consistency of a firm fudge. You could chop this bar up and serve it to guests as a dessert, it is that good.

The Ketone Test

A blood ketone meter can be beneficial in assessing whether or not a person is in ketosis, but there are other signs that can be effective as well. I found my blood ketone meter to be particularly helpful when first starting the keto diet , and I still use it occasionally to test my ketone levels in response to consuming certain foods. 

In the making of the Ketone Bar, Ketosource claims to have conducted blood ketone testing with more than 40 people in trials, and encourages its customers to test for themselves. So, here we go.

Using a Keto Mojo ketone meter, I tested my ketone levels after fasting for approximately 16 hours and completing a relatively intense workout. Personally I find that my blood ketone levels are quite low following a fast and exercise, and tend to peak later in the day after I have eaten. Ketone levels also tend to decline after you have been on keto for a long time, and if you aren’t actively trying to lose weight.

My ketone levels were relatively low initially, and increased by 0.2 mmol 30 minutes after eating only a Ketone Bar. A ketone reading of 0.5 mmol is generally considered the minimum level for ketosis, however as mentioned earlier, there are other ways to know you are in ketosis, and everyone responds a little differently. 

The primary goal of this test was to assess whether or not the Ketone Bar actually boosts ketones, and these results suggest that it does. If you are interested in purchasing a Keto Mojo blood ketone meter, they are available here, or click the link below to save 15% directly from the KetoMojo website. 

Blood Ketone Reading Before

Ketone bar blood ketone test before

30 Minutes Later


The Ketone Bar is a delicious chocolate dessert bar that contains quality ingredients and has been cleverly designed to help support ketosis. It has become one of our top 5 favorite dairy-free keto bars of all time, and we absolutely love it. 

Ketone bars are larger than most other dairy-free keto bars currently on the market, and at approximately $2.33 – $2.50 per bar they are a decent value. 

If you would like to try them for yourselves they can be purchased directly from (UK) and are also available on Amazon

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