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Gyms are starting to open up again in many places but not everyone is in a rush to go back. In response to things closing down, thousands of people began outfitting their own home gyms, and the production of high demand items like dumbbells simply couldn’t keep up. 

In attempt to expand my home fitness equipment options I recently went on a hunt for a set of 30lb dumbbells. In my search I kept track of the retailers that currently had at least some dumbbells in stock. It is important to note however, that pickings are currently very slim, and prices are still quite elevated. 

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Where to Buy Dumbbells

I initially searched Facebook marketplace and local buy and sell pages in attempt to find some used dumbbells nearby, but didn’t have any luck. A general Google search had me clicking on the top-listed retailers, and scrolling through endless pages of out of stock inventory. 

Some retailers were nice enough to clearly list which items were out of stock, while others waited until after you had placed the item in your cart and attempted to pay before letting you know it was not currently available. 

I was specifically looking for a set of 30lb rubber hex dumbbells. I had owned several in the past, and found them to be more versatile than round dumbbells. They also don’t make noise when working out with them, they are easy on floors, and don’t chip when banged.

Below are the retailers that I found had at least some dumbbell options in stock at the time this post was published. Very few had exactly what I was looking for, however I was open to other types of dumbbells if they were the proper weight and reasonably priced.

Retailers With Dumbbells Currently in Stock


Amazon is often the first place I look in order to get a sense of what is available, and to get an initial price point. I am also an Amazon Prime Member, so free shipping on items like weights can be a major cost savings.

Amazon currently has the largest inventory of dumbbells available, and one of the best prices I was able to find for a pair of 30lb rubber hex dumbbells. I recorded the price and then began to check out several of the large independent suppliers to see if there were any better deals to be had. 

Rogue Fitness

Because Rogue Fitness is such a well known fitness equipment retailer, their inventory has been hit pretty hard over the last 4-6 months. At the time of this post, only large (>90lbs) hex and standard type dumbbells were in stock, however new inventory is expected to be available within the next few weeks. If you know what you are looking for, you can sign up to receive notifications the moment they become available again.

Rogue also offers loadable dumbbell handles (currently in stock) that you can customize by simply adding weight plates, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. 

Power Systems

Power Systems is another huge home and commercial fitness equipment retailer. Inventory is still low at the moment, however they do currently have a smattering of weights from 3-20lbs among some of their lighter specialty dumbbells, and 70-100lb dumbbells are currently available within their round rubber dumbbell series. 

Perform Better

Perform Better offers a variety of signature vinyl, neoprene, rubber, urethane, and hex style dumbbells. The widest range of weight options currently available is among their Extreme Urethane dumbbell line, unfortunately these are crazy expensive, and shipping costs are also ridiculous. 

Goldens' Cast Iron

Goldens’ Cast Iron specializes in grills and fire pits, but they also recently began producing their own cast iron dumbbells and kettlebells. Goldens’ Cast Iron currently has hex dumbbells available from 5-50lbs and has some of the best pricing per pound we found anywhere. Dumbbells are available in pairs only, and although they are currently in stock, there may still be a 2-3 week wait for delivery.

Titan Fitness

Titan fitness is another massive fitness equipment retailer that has had its dumbbell inventory nearly picked clean, however, like Rogue they do have a few weights currently in stock (10lbs, 75lbs, 115lbs, 120lbs), and also offer loadable dumbbell handles.


A lot of people seem to forget that Ebay is still one of the top retailers for both new and used items. They currently have a large inventory of dumbbells and offer the best deal we were able to find on a set of 30lb hex dumbbells. Ebay and Amazon were nearly identical in price once shipping was calculated, however, I wasn’t familiar with the specific brand available on Ebay, and did not feel as comfortable with the shipping or return policy.

What I Ended Up Buying

Amazon and Ebay were the only places that had exactly what I was looking for. As mentioned above, I was more comfortable with the CAP brand dumbbells available on Amazon, and have had better luck with shipping and returns through Amazon. 

Some of the reviewers claimed that they had not received two dumbbells, had received two different dumbbells, or that the dumbbells they received were low quality knock offs. In hopes of avoiding any of these issues, I made sure that the supplier I purchased from was in fact the CAP Barbell Store, and not some independent retailer. 

My dumbbells arrived today and took only three days to get here. So far everything seems good. They did not come with the CAP brand stamped into the rubber, but they did come in CAP branded boxes, with a CAP label around each handle. I can’t actually remember if the CAP dumbbells I had previously owned had the brand stamped into the rubber or not, but some of the reviewers suggested that they normally do. 

Some reviewers that believed they had received off-brand dumbbells mentioned that the size, font style, and positioning of the numbers stamped into the rubber were inconsistent. However, they appeared to be identical on the set I received.

Some reviewers also mentioned that the dumbbells they receive were oily, wrapped in plastic, and had an extremely strong rubber odor. The dumbbells I received were dry, not wrapped in plastic, and although they do smell like rubber, I have to stick my nose right up to the dumbbell to detect any odor.

All in al I am happy with my purchase and am looking forward to adding a little more variety to my home workouts.

This is How My CAP Dumbbells From Amazon Arrived

Inventory is changing often and most retailers are expecting to refill stock within the next few weeks. The prices are still quite inflated at the moment, so it may be best to wait a little while longer, or consider some other equipment options. 

If you have found other places where dumbbells are currently available, please let us know by commenting below, and if interested, we have also created a post about retailers with kettlebells currently in stock. Check it out here.

I hope this has been helpful.

Thank you for visiting and all the best.


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